If you ever wanted to test drive a spatial interaction model, here’s your chance…

Hello blog, we haven’t seen each other for a while – I’ve been meaning to call, but you know how it is, just been so busy with work and all that…

What do you mean I only visit when I want to use you for something? That’s not fair, I do check up on you now and again, although you’ve been looking a little forlorn – like you’ve not been looking after yourself properly – ┬áso I’ve kept my distance.

I’ve brought you a present though! I brand-spanking new re-hash of some work I did last year, but that’s been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be cobbled together into something approaching a paper…

The lovely folks at CASA have honoured it with working paper status, so if anyone wants a step-by-step guide of how to run a spatial interaction model in R, then this is the place to visit:


I know you like pictures, so before I go here’s a tasty little number from that very paper

2 thoughts on “If you ever wanted to test drive a spatial interaction model, here’s your chance…

  1. Thank you very much for that.

    Your comments about the hurdles required to be solved by practitioners, is so on the mark. I have been working out how to use the log-linear model off and on over the last couple of years in between doing what is required.

    While I enjoy the challenges of taking academic work and trying to put them into production, there are times when you would like do this in conjunction with a working model.

    So this is a good start in setting me off in a parallel direction.

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