London’s Religious Concentrations – Part II

OK, as I still had ArcGIS cranked up on my machine and this appears to have been a popular blog topic, here are a few extra maps to finish off the London’s religions post.

So, in order of whether or not adherents are likely to enjoy all traditional flavours of monster munch, I shall proceed…


JediInteresting patterns of concentration for the Jedi here – essentially they are not very concentrated at all. Not suffering from the internal dogma or external persecution which has led to the clustering of a number of other religious groups in the capital (plus their ability to employ rather useful ‘mind tricks’ on property gate-keepers who would have otherwise encouraged them to rent property in areas where ‘their lot’ were already starting to cluster) the Jedi are perhaps the least spatially concentrated religious group in the capital. A case study in diversity and multicultural integration if ever I have seen one!

Religion not stated

Religion Not Stated“Yeah, screw you Nanny State – I ain’t gonna give you my deets! You ain’t gonna know my shizzle!” Or something like that. Yes, some people would rather not say if they believe in any hocus pocus or not. How knows why this is? Maybe disdain for the government and its Census form. Maybe they are secretly embarrassed about believing that the words of 20th Century science fiction writer are anything other than a total load of rubbish. Either way WE STILL KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! In Camden, Islington and Tower Hamlets, by all accounts… Yes, the ‘rather not say if you don’t mind’ brigade are real central London dwellers. I would suspect that those in Tower Hamlets may have different motivations for not saying than those in the leafier north London suburbs, but the patterns probably warrant some further investigation at some point.


BuddhistBuddhists are a bit like the Jedis – all over the place! Lets just hope the Jedi don’t start training the buddhists (they’re both a bit Zen, so probably would find some common ground) or the number of light-sabre related admissions in London A&E departments may rise quite rapidly…




Still some pretty high concentrations in West London (Hounslow, Ealing) and in the Redbridge – areas with traditionally high concentrations of this group…




Similar concentrations to Sikhs in Redbridge, but also high concentrations in Brent and Harrow.




Jewish population in London are still heavily concentrated in the Northern-most boroughs. Location quotients are particularly high at their highest (well over 20 and up to 60, compared to only about 7 at the maximum for the Muslim population in London)

So that’s it folks – hope you’ve enjoyed the maps! Until my next period of procrastination…

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