Reference Guide for Adding Pages to this Website

This is hard

By Adam Dennett in Paper

August 22, 2023

Important Folders

As far as I can tell, there are some folders that are vital for the website to work and others that might be surplus. Vital ones include:

  • R

  • assets

  • content

  • data

  • layouts

  • resources

  • static

surplus ones probably include:

  • archetypes

  • public

  • themes

Important files in the root

  • config.toml - this seems to control virtually everything (but it could be a .yaml)

  • netlify.toml - this is for deployment

  • gitignore - for all the usual reasons.

Showing/Hiding Content in Folders

Thanks to Andy Mac for this little bit of golden knowledge - in order to show/hide content within any particular folder, add/remove an underscore in the file. E.g. will not show the content of that file, where as will.

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August 22, 2023
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